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IPFS is an open system to manage data without a central server

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IPFS's versatility shines across different industries – making it the multi-purpose tool for the decentralized age.


Our peer-to-peer content delivery network is built around the innovation of content addressing: store, retrieve, and locate data based on the fingerprint of its actual content rather than its name or location.


The IPFS network is distributed and participatory, which reduces the problem of data silos that plague central servers.


The integrity of all data is verified using hash functions, so you can trust that you always get the data you’re looking for.


Files and data can be stored across multiple nodes, which keeps content at the ready even during critical outages.

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Join thousands of developers who choose IPFS to build software that’s open, verifiable, and resilient.

Build peer-to-peer apps with IPFS

Our most popular implementations are written in Go, Rust, and JavaScript – and we also have support for desktop, browsers, mobile, embedded devices, and more.

Store and manage your data on IPFS

Use content addressing to give your data unique identifiers, and use IPFS for large-scale data storage and compute.

Use IPFS apps

Share files, stream music, publish your website, store NFTs, and much more through hundreds of applications built on IPFS.

Develop tooling for IPFS

Design storage, compute, encryption, and implementation layers to optimize the way developers use IPFS.

Connect Through Community

We've sparked the most robust open-source ecosystem on Earth, and together we're achieving interplanetary aspirations.

Our protocol's success hinges on participation from all of our neighbors: Each new node that joins IPFS makes the network stronger for everyone.

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